Physical Needs Assessments  (PNA's)

Reservation-wide Housing Inventory / Inspections

The most comprehensive and efficient system for Indian Housing.

The Native American Housing Consultants (NAHC) in conjunction with tribal entities can inventory and inspect all homes on the reservation.

Reservation-wide home inspections provide Housing Entities and tribal governments with data necessary to determine a plan of action to identify and address housing safety issues, improvements, and rehabilitation/ modernization programs. PNA information can also be utilized for funding requests and grant proposals.

PNA's identify widespread problems and trends, code violations, roof conditions, foundation deterioration, electrical and plumbing issues, furnace and HVAC systems, wasteline and septic issues, gas leaks, carbon monoxide levels, and excessive electrical usages. Crawl spaces and attics are inspected, as well.

 PNA reports help Housing Entities prepare cost estimates necessary to bring tribal units up to standard both individually and as a group. These estimates aid in generating repair and rehabilitation strategies to get the most out of tribal rehab dollars through unit by unit reporting or overall trends and major commonalities which require being addressed as a group.

Indian Housing professionals may utilize PNA's to provide On-site Resident Training in home maintenance, appliance operations, recognition of gas and water leaks and other potential problems, and thereby, empowering residents to own a larger responsibility in their own home and decrease reliance on tribal support.

PNA's also provide GPS mapping with the final assessment reports. This electronic information can become a permanent tribal database accessible for future housing development and utility planning, strategic tribal and community planning, rural addressing, and E911 systems, as well as funding requests and grant proposals.