HVAC TOPICS to cover

Gaining an understanding of HVAC basics and how heating and cooling systems operate makes it easy to trouble shoot and fix existing problems. This workshop will give you the basics information you need to maintain your heating and cooling equipment in good working order. It will also cover other areas on how to identify common problems such as air leaks, duct problems, electrical connections, air filters, flue piping, and gas connections. Hands-on testing, gauging, and charging Freon Refrigeration system.

  • HVAC Layout on Residential Unit
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Who should attend:

Anyone who would like a better understanding  of HVAC concepts.

This Hands-On training is ideal for Force Account Crew, Housing Authority staff, Utility Department staff, Supervisors, and Maintenance personnel.  No prior knowledge of HVAC is required.



Mr. Martinez graduated from CNM in 1982 with a degree in Refrigeration, Heating, & A/C.  Then went on to Carrie & Johnson Control Training School and graduated as a MM 98 Mechanical Contractor. Now continues to work with BIA & Albuquerque Charter Schools mentoring Tech Students and working at Southern Pueblo Agency now in his 7th year.


This course can be presented at your facility!!!

  • Eliminate air travel & per diem expenses
  • Choose your date & location
  • Tailored to the needs & priorities of your organization

For more info call

(505) 797-8674