This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the theory and practice of plumbing maintenance issues. Sessions will include a discussion of plumbing theory, including tools, materials, and diagnosis and repair. Discussions will be followed by hands-on exercises where participants will use tools and materials to practice what they have learned and gain a better understanding of techniques. This will enable participants to perform basic plumbing maintenance themselves, on their own homes. Also, by improving their competence in plumbing maintenance, participants will be able to better manage contracted plumbers for maintenance projects that require skills beyond those taught in the workshop.

Who should attend:

Anyone who would like a better understanding  of plumbing concepts.

This Hands-On training is ideal for Force Account Crew, Housing Authority staff, Utility Department staff, Supervisors, and Maintenance personnel.  No prior knowledge of plumbing is required.



Plumbing Industry has always been something Rudy liked to do. In 1989, Rudy started learning about Plumbing and Heating and did a lot of water well work. As Rudy gained more experience and knowledge towards Plumbing and Heating, Rudy received his licenses GF09, MM01, MM02, MM03 and, finally, in 1997 began "Big R Plumbing". Today Rudy continues his successful business of providing plumbing and heating services to the community.

This course can be presented at your facility!!!

  • Eliminate air travel & per diem expenses
  • Choose your date & location
  • Tailored to the needs & priorities of your organization

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